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LifePak 15 Cardiac Monitor

The LifePak 15 Cardiac Monitor allows us monitor vital signs, obtain 4-lead/12-lead EKGs, Defibrillate, Synchronize Cardiovert, and Pace

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Revel Ventilator

The Revel Ventilator allows us to make precise measurements and changes to provide appropriate and necessary ventilation for an intubated patient as well as BIPAP for patients with difficulty breathing.


Intubrite Video Laryngoscope

The Intubrite Video Laryngoscope provides an increased first pass success rate for intubation where time is always of the essence in the intubation procedure.


Lucas 2 CPR Device

The Lucas Device allows us to perform high-quality, uninterruptible CPR while freeing our hands to perform other lifesaving procedures.


B Braun Medication Pump

The B Braun Medication Pump allows us to deliver precise dosages for life saving medication infusions.

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EZ IO Drill

The EZ IO drill provides an easy and successful process of accessing a patient's bone tissue for medication infusions should intravenous access not be able to be established.

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