Meramec Ambulance District
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                Meramec Ambulance District has always been a great place for students to gain a vital part of their EMS education. Set in rural Missouri, there are opportunities for students to experience all aspects of pre-hospital emergencies. Our highly trained and experienced staff are always willing to have the chance to help develop a good attitude and EMS work ethic. However, it is the students responsibility to put forth the initiative and ask for help in answering any questions they may have. Safety is our priority and students must comply with our policy and direction from our staff. Patient confidentiality is not only a leading concern, it is the law. Students are reminded to always keep this in mind and start practicing this concept upon entering District property.
        Meramec Ambulance District always encourages other medical personnel and local firefighters to "ride-along" with our crews to get a basic understanding of how EMS works, how things happen on "this side" of the business, or to keep your medical skills sharp.
        So whether you are a student, local firefighter or medical person looking to get an inside glimpse of EMS, please feel free to contact us for further information on our ride-along programs.
        For your convenience we have supplied a copy of our Student Handbook and Firefighter Ride-Along Handbook for your review.
Meramec Ambulance District
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