Meramec Ambulance District
3279 Hwy 100 Villa Ridge, Mo. 63089                Phone: 636-451-5816   Fax: 636-451-5835
In appreciation of the Volunteers and Board Members and Employees past, we would like to express our sincere gratitude and appreciation for their dedication and service. May all who follow here know and remember those before us, paving the way to provide expert and professional emergency medical care to the residents and those who pass through the boundaries of this area known as Meramec Ambulance District.
Meramec Ambulance District
Roy Barnes
Geri Bell
John Dale
James Dunn
Paul Ell
Joe Freeman
Alvin Frisch
Loraine Fuller
Jim Garren
Jim Garrison
Melvin Gordon
Walker Hardeman
Roger Hawkins
Alvin Henderson
Jim Hendricks
Elmer Hill
Joe Jascke
Archie Lansford
Louis Lindley Jr.
James McDaniel
Jack McKinney
Mike Mangan
Hosea Martoglio
Bert Milberg
Dave Mooney
Mary Moss
Art Mueller
John Parini
Chuck Pemberton
Juli Ploch
Richard Pounds
Jane Pritchett
Dewayne Shaw
Jim Shepard
Steve Trollinger
Arnold Vieland
Ray Webster
Lyndell Womble
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